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Ebba - MRSDA

Ebba is my new sponsored dog for 2021/2. Over the next few months we’ll follow her journey as she trains to become a search dog for Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England as apart of Edale Mountain Rescue Team
Ebba is just 18 months old and has been with Ian (owner, trainer, dad) for just a few short months.
In that time, Ebba has passed the initial registration test which involves a 10 minute down stay of which 5 minutes, Ian was out of sight, some basic obedience tests and a stock test (no chasing sheep 🐑is allowed) which she passed with flying colours.
Now Ebba can move onto Stage 1 – The Find Sequence. I went out to watch Ebba train a few weeks ago and she’s progressing with this part of the training with great promise.
Ebba came to the clinic for her 1st maintenance physio session last week. There were a couple of niggles to work out of her muscles, as she’s an exuberant dog that has undertaken a few dare devil leaps whilst out training, much to Ian’s horror 😳 but she seems capable of looking after herself!
Other than keeping the little niggles at bay, as Ebba develops we’ll check that her muscle development and gait is even. That any natural asymmetries are recognised and addressed to ensure she’s not compensating or overusing any particular muscles or joints.
We’ll help her build good strong, yet supple muscles that will protect her from injury and keep her joints healthy. We want Ebba to be a fit strong and healthy dog that is capable of having a long and successful career as a mountain rescue search dog.
Ebba is a super smart dog and I’m really looking forward to working with her and Ian, and to follow her journey through this difficult training process.
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