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I have known Kirsty now for well over a year and she always provides an excellent service that ensures that my dog Wren is in good hands and made to feel safe and comfortable during every session.

Kirsty is very easy to talk to about Wrens issues, her knowledgeable approach is reassuring and she always sees the ‘bigger picture’, in that some theoretical things that are needed just aren’t practical for us, but will endeavour to work out what are the best things for Wren and I to do from each session. 

I would never hesitate to use or recommend Kirsty as she provides an extremely professional, effective and relaxed service for both my dog Wren and me, which all reassures me that she has the animals best interests at heart.

Charlotte Bewley Johnston
Dog Owner


Kirsty is kind, gentle and knowledgeable. She treated my ex-racer for me in a very professional way, and made a difference to his way of going. My horse felt soft and relaxed to ride after Kirsty had treated him. Kirsty was firm and thorough. I would recommend Kirsty to all my friends.

John Goodwin
Horse Owner

I can’t recommend Kirsty enough. Dodge enjoys each session and I am always left feeling positive and Dodge looking relaxed as Kirsty is able to quickly pinpoint any tight areas and rectify these, she always has the horses best interests at heart and works to this every time. Kirsty is always reliable and quick to arrange a visit (despite being hundreds of miles away!) and is very thorough throughout her sessions whilst also being friendly and offering advice. Thanks Kirsty!

Lucy Howson
Horse Owner


Kirsty came to see my horse Merlin after I told her that I was having issues with him under saddle. After consulting with my work vet Gordon Sidlow she soon arranged to come see Merlin. She worked very well with merlin considering he is quite a stressy horse and a bit spooky especially when new things are happening to him.

Kirsty had a lovely attitude towards him and took it all in his stride, and managed to succesfully massage out the spasms in his back and give me tips on what to do to help him stretch to try prevent him stiffening up.Kirsty was very happy to answer any questions I had to the best of her knowledge and was very helpful.

I would recommend Kirsty to anyone who asked me!
Rachel Smith
Horse Owner

“I would recommend Kirsty to all my friends”

I have known Kirsty for about eight years, during which time she has owned and cared for two horses whilst stabling them at a local livery facility. I also have had various equines resident at the same livery yard, many of them resting racehorses. Recently, Kirsty has taken on the riding of one of my horses and I’m very comfortable in knowing that he’s in good hands. Her approach is pragmatic but sensitive. She is able to assess care issues but balances those decisions with “living in the real world”.


I have a number of thoroughbred racehorses and have regular exposure to both veterinary and physiotherapy specialists.  I have been very impressed with the attitude and application that Kirsty has shown in effecting her career change. She always shows interest in the veterinary problems that I’m experiencing, and I have tried to expose her to physio methods that I’ve engaged with. She is not afraid to ask questions and consider alternative viewpoints, rather than going down the textbook route.
Equally, whilst she has been undertaking her studies she has assessed one of my canine friends; this again was done with method but also with sensitivity.
One never stops learning about horses, but Kirsty should succeed as she is willing to listen to alternative views whilst being prepared to assert her own viewpoint.
Jan Calder

Horse Owner – Horses currently in training with Colin Tizzard and Donald McCain, and previously with Richard Fahey, James Given, Paul Nicholls, Harry Fry and Malcolm Jefferson.


Kirsty has been involved with the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre since 2017. During this time Kirsty has worked closely with our consultant vet and the retraining team to provide physiotherapy for our horses in their rehabilitation and retraining programmes. 

She has shown a very good understanding of the horses’ requirements and her work has displayed a high degree of clinical competency. 

Kirsty has been consistently euthanistic throughout this period and her work has benefited our horses greatly.
Gillian Carlisle
Chief Executive, The Thoroughbred Retraining Centre

I know Kirsty from working at the BTRC where she treats a lot of our work horses. She kindly agreed to come and work on my own horse Hector, a thoroughbred gelding, as he had been misbehaving and showing signs of a sore back. She was very patient and relaxed around him which made him much more relaxed and he genuinely enjoyed the work that Kirsty did on him! He was moving much more freely almost straight away, and his behaviour has been much better since. Kirsty told me he had very tight hamstring muscles and showed me a few stretches and exercises to do with him, these have also seemed to help a lot.

I would highly recommend Kirsty to any horsey friends!
Alexandra Hillier
Horse Owner & Rider Groom, The Thoroughbred Retraining Centre

Kirsty is always professional and effective, from her knowledge and care about how the horses are going, wanting to be a part of creating a plan to achieve each horses improvements/goals, at whatever stage of work they are at. She really cares and treats each horse as an individual, they are all different and that shows she has each horses best interests at heart.  The sensitive horses really respond well to Kirsty’s patience, understanding that the horses need to trust and relax during their sessions, often using her electrotherapy machines to ease any sore or fatigued areas avoiding distressing the horses, who recognise her as the “carrot/banana lady” when they work hard or through a painful area. This is a great approach as the horses look forward to their sessions and seeing Kirsty, rather than expecting a hard or painful session.

I have particularly noticed the more sensitive and neurotic horses have been more relaxed after there sessions. With each horse Kirsty takes all things into consideration including turnout, stabling, environment and facilities and training aids available, to work out a plan of action that is not just effective but also practically possible.

Therefore I have no hesitation on highly recommending Kirsty to anyone requiring physiotherapy for their horses.

Charlotte Bewley Johnston
Senior Rehabilitation Manager, The Thoroughbred Retraining Centre

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