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Canine and Small Animal Physiotherapy


Whether your dog is a working dog, competing in agility or your best friend, a physiotherapy session can help keep them healthy and happy.  A canine and small animal physiotherapy session, similar to horses, will focus on your dog’s particular requirements and a plan will be made to get your dog back to, or maintaining full fitness and health.  

If your dog does have a particular condition, such as hip or elbow dysplasia, arthritis or cruciate ligament disease, I can work with your vet to help manage the condition conservatively or help with any pre or post operative care and treatments needed to ensure your dog gets the very best of care and help that they may need.

For any animal that is treated by myself, I will always advise on a rehabilitation plan and will work alongside your vet to ensure that your horse or dog receives continuous care so that they have the very highest levels of care. 

All treatments require veterinary referral.  I will always contact your vet before any treatment can commence.  To enquire about our canine and small animal physiotherapy services, please visit the contact page.

 Check out the offers page to see what packages are available at great discounted rates for regular treatment plans.

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